Participations à des Congrès


Participations à des Congrès Internationaux 

- Materials Research Society Fall 2011 Meeting, November 28- December 2 2011, Boston-MA (USA), (2011)


- Material Research Society fall 2010 meeting (MRS), November 29 – December 3, 2010, Boston-MA (USA), (2010),

   "Dye-sensitized solar cells based on a natural low cost halochromic sensitizer",

    Michael Ibrahim, Maria Bassil, V. Salles, Umit Demirci, Georges El Haj Moussa, Mario El Tahchi and Philippe Miele.


- E2C 2010, European Energy Conference, 21- 23 April 2010, Bercalona - Spain, 

   "Evaluation of the Effect of Thermal Conditions on the Electrical Properties of Photovoltaic Solar Cells",

    C. Salame, J. Sidawi.


- CESSE 2009 Paris 2009, International Conference on Computer, Electrical, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering", June 24-26,

    "Study for the electrical quality degradation of N-channel VDMOSFET transistor induced by electrical stress",

    N. Abdoul, C. Salamé, A. Khoury, A. Foucaran, A. Hoffmann, P. Mialhe.


- AMCTM 2008, Conf. on Adv. Mathematical and Computional Tools in Metrology and Testing, 23-25 June, 2008, ENS Cachan, Paris, France. 

   C. Salamé, R. Habchi, P. Mialhe .

   " Mathematical Software Tools for Silicon Devices Parameters Extraction At High Temperature".


- First International Eng. Sciences Conf., IESC'08, Aleppo (Syria), 2-4 Nov. 2008, 

  R. El Bitar, R. Habchi, C. Salamé, A. khoury, P. Mialhe 

  "Hot carrier injection from the integrated drain-source junction in VDMOSFET ".


- International Conf. ICPE2007, 11-16 novembre 2007, Marrakech, Maroc , 

  Hicham Toufik, Nezha Toufik, Pierre Mialhe,

  "Creation of defect layer structure by hot carrier bombardement" .


- COMPLES2K7 Congrès International Energie & Environnement, 19-20 octobre 2007, Agadir, Maroc,

  W. Tazibt,  G. Azzouzzi, H. Toufik, R. Habchi, P. Mialhe,

  "Vieillissement et Fiabilité des Photopiles" 2007, pp 30-31 .


- International Symposium on Signals, Systems and Electronics 2007 (ISSSE), July 30 - August,  Montréal, Canada,

  M.  Boukhatem, M.  El Tahchi and P. Mialhe,  

  "The Carriers Temperature as a New Parameter for Characterization".


- 5ème Colloque Franco-Libanais Science des Matériaux 17-19 mai 06, Beyrouth, Liban , 

   H. Toufik, M. El Tahchi, M. Bassil, G. Haj Moussa..


- 21st Eur. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conf., Messe Dresden, 4-8 Sept. 2006, 5BV.3.24

  G. Azzouzi, 1BV.2.13 M. Boukhatem, H. Toufik .


- 2005 MAPLD International Conf., Washington USA, Sept. 7-9 2005

  C. Salamé, R.Habchi..


- 20th Eur. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conf., Barcelona Spain, 6-10 June 2005, IAV.2.5, 76,

    H. Toufik, R. Habchi,.


- LDSD 2004, The Fifth  Int. Conf. on Low dimensional Structures and Devices, Cancun Mexico 12-17 december 2004,

  M. El-Tahchi, E. Nassar  .